Tier Drop Solar is one of the first solar companies to be owned and operated by actual installers. As experts in our field, we use only the highest quality of equipment, and we ensure the highest efficiency to make sure that your investment is worthwhile. We design and build all of our own systems, so you can feel relieved to know that a third party company will not build your system once Tier Drop Solar has been contracted.

Make the power of the Sun yours


Tier Drop Solar was started in 2014 by Randy Mayeda and Andrew Suarez to bring change to the Solar Industry. We have over ten years of residential and commercial solar installation experience.

Randy Mayeda, President

B.A. Environmental Studies UC Santa Barbara, NABCEP Certified, C-46 License

Andrew Suarez, Vice President

C-10 License

Just wanted to let you know. Got my first bill since being fully solar. For that 2 month period it fully zeroed out the electricity and with the excessive production it almost zeroed out the water and trash service part of the bill. Total for 2 months was $10.00.

Jared Vikstrom

12kW Anaheim Hills, CA

Our Vision

At Tier Drop Solar our mission is to provide solar installations of the highest quality.

Received production email from Enlighten. In months of April and May of 2015 our production exceeded 2.0 Megawatts for each month. I’m now looking to replace my 2 gas water heaters with electric.

Sayed Jalil

12.88kW Escondido, CA