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We begin our process the right way to ensure a clean, functional design, and to satisfy our customers. Our estimates and system layouts always include exact measurements of the roof or land where the system will be installed. Your system will be measured in accordance to your annual average energy consumption to ensure that there is not an end of the year overage bill.

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The Tier Drop Difference

Unlike other solar companies that use satellite imagery to design their layout, we will assess the area and the conditions to provide optimal productivity. Satellite imagery produces poor designs, and it does not account for obstructions or shading problems. Buying a system from another company is like buying a suit from a tailor using a pair of binoculars. What you end up with is a poorly fitted suit.
The images below are examples of how building a solar system using satellite imagery will produce a lower quality product with shadows on the solar panels, lowering energy production.

The photos in the next sequence are an example of how satellite imagery can also leave your roof top looking mismatched, with unnecessary gaps. Our installations always provide a flush, clean appearance on your home.
Unlike other major companies, we do not have an acceptable failure rate. If your system is not producing what you consume, or if your array looks like it was designed from space, then you did not buy it from Tier Drop Solar.

Watch the money roll in

Once solar is installed on your home, your meter will operate in a backward rotation. This is energy being saved, and energy saved is money earned!
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